Why KiMe?

“KiMe” is the combination of Steve Hodges’ daughters’ names, Kim and Megan. It’s symbolic of our vision of eradicating Parkinson’s disease for the next generation.

Steve Hodges

Why Donate to KiMe?

With nearly $250,000.00 raised for Parkinson’s research, KiMe has been able to provide opportunities for numerous ideas to get tested. We’re here so future generations have a chance to live in a world without Parkinson’s. And a little goes a long way!

No contribution to KiMe is too small because much of the research we fund does not require massive amounts of investment to get traction.

“In the Parkinson’s research world, KiMe is seen as an ‘angel investor’ for important research. We help the studies of researchers to get the attention of larger firms and research grants.” – Steve Hodges, KiMe Founder

Even with a grant of $25,000.00, a promising study can be funded and important testing and results can be carried forward. In 2017, we had a huge breakthrough!