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Sep 19, 2022


We are planning our first event in more than two years. Words can’t describe my excitement! In honor of this, I’ve put together this brief update. – Steve Hodges, KiMe Founder


Shakin’ Not Stirred 2023 Plans

This summer, the KiMe leadership team met with more than 40 eager volunteers to share our vision for what promises to be our most successful event ever!  On Saturday, January 28, 2023 from 7 to 11pm, we will host our 10th Shakin’ Not Stirred Parkinson’s Fundraiser at the Knoxville Convention Center.

Shakin’ Not Stirred helps us raise the most funds and the most awareness for Parkinson’s each year.


Most Recent Grant

Our most recent research grant was awarded shortly before the pandemic to Michael J. Fox Parkinson’s Foundation (MJFF).  We are very fortunate that our $50,000 award was matched by an anonymous donor, resulting in MJFF receiving $100,000. This would not have happened without the generosity of our KiMe supporters. Together, we continue to make a positive impact.


Supporting the Community

Parkinson’s Foundation (PF) has organized countless Moving Days – A Walk for Parkinson’s at locations throughout the United States, but never in Knoxville. On May 1, 2021 that changed with their inaugural moving day in Knoxville which raised a very impressive $35,753. KiMe served on the PF planning committee, a role which we expect to continue. Following this event, Amanda Spiehler, PF Southeast Regional Director remarked, “We are incredibly grateful for KiMe’s support and participation in the first-ever Moving Day Knoxville. Our continued collaboration will make a real impact in the local PD community.“

KiMe was responsible for raising the second highest amount of donations among the 16 teams. We also supported PF’s Moving Day held earlier this year in Knoxville and plan to continue supporting this very worthwhile event.


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